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Work Order Management Software Module

Provides the basic functionality to manage your maintenance operations and account for your physical assets

Maintenance Partner's Base Module provides your organization with the ability to manage your maintenance operations and effectively account for your physical assets. You will have the functionality necessary to manage all your work orders with our online work order software. In addition, the Base Module provides you with the ability to set up your facilities, users, security, assets, vehicles, and more. Maintenance Partner will track:

  • Warranties
  • Service contracts
  • Tag numbers
  • Location
  • Priority
  • Parts vendor
  • Motors
  • Graphics

In addition, the base module includes "My Page." "My Page" can be customized by each Maintenance Partner user and provides information that is directly relevant to their job requirements, their use of the product, and company information. “My Page” allows you to drill down to specific records and can include the following sections:

  • Company level Bulletin Board provides notification of policy changes, upcoming meetings, and other valuable information.
  • Single click access to the areas of the program users utilize most and the reports they need to operate most effectively.
  • List of open work orders.
  • Summary data regarding your work requests and work orders.

Administrative functions include:

  • Setup for the system administrator.
  • Administration for global preferences, text management, user management.
  • Ability to edit/add/delete lookups for "types" (i.e., work order type, time types, etc.).
  • Ability to edit/add/delete task library for defining specific work to be performed.
  • Total View for navigation shows the entire tree structure with links at each level.

Work Order

Twenty-four hours pass like a few minutes when the work orders pile up. Life's simple pleasures can get lost in the fast pace of day-to-day maintenance management. If you are like most maintenance managers, your facility looks to you for ways to maximize their efficiency and control costs. Maintenance Partner provides you this power with an intuitive and easy-to-use web based work order system. Features include:

  • Easily create work orders with coded data that is available from convenient pop-up lists.
  • Roll up costs by facility, building, floor, area, or department.
  • Easily browse and search work orders.
  • Control and prioritize work-flow.
  • Pre-define and customize tasks.
  • Post an unlimited number of items on a work order.
  • Add costs and workers comments in batch mode.
  • Easily track safety and risk issues on work orders.

Through an easy-to-use browser-based web page, your customers will have the ability to easily submit requests for services online with web based work orders. This will improve the quality of service through faster response times and better communications. This advanced communication tool brings your work order software directly to end users eliminating both administrative time for data entry and lost requests.

On-line Service Requests provides your maintenance organization with the ability to operate in the most efficient and professional manner possible. At any time, end users can request repair work. If requests are converted to work orders through an easy to use validation screen, users are notified by e-mail of the status. During the entire process, your staff can automatically e-mail updates and notices to requesters as work progresses. In addition, your customers have the ability to review the request/work order status online and in real time.

Business benefits include the following:

  • Improve communications with your customers by allowing them to submit requests from any location that has access to the Internet.
  • Substantially reduce calls to your work control center.
  • Provide requesters with the ability to confirm receipt of a request automatically with request number and optional customized message.

The primary features of Service Requests

  • Submit and log requests for services in real-time from any location that has access to the Internet.
  • Confirm receipt of work request automatically to requester with request number and optional customized message.
  • Generate real-time status reports (open or closed) for work requests and work orders by building, area, asset, requestor, etc.
  • Automatically send e-mail message to clients that work has been accepted or denied.
  • Automatically send e-mail message to clients on changed work order status.