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December 2011

Maintenance Partner Launches New ?Facility Scheduler? to Further Enhance their Popular Asset Management Software

- Organizations who rely on Maintenance Partner?s Asset Management Software to track, manage, and maintain their facilities and valuable assets can now take advantage of the Facility Scheduler, an advanced tool for reserving and scheduling facility resources -

Tulsa, Oklahoma ? December 7th, 2011 – Maintenance Partner, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing organizations with a software solution to track, manage, and maintain valuable assets, announced today that they have added a much awaited scheduling module to their software. The ?Facility Scheduler? brings an advanced solution for reserving and scheduling rooms and buildings. The Facility Scheduler allows for both internal and external (if applicable) customers to request both one time and recurring reservations. Existing reservations can be viewed from a calendar and lists to determine availability.

The release of this latest module further enhances Maintenance Partner?s Asset Management Software, a web-based maintenance management solution that uses the most advanced technology available to help organizations improve their asset utilization, enhance asset reliability and availability, reduce maintenance costs, extend the useful life of assets, and increase the return on investment for maintenance-worthy items.

?We?re very proud to offer this latest module and to continue our path of using innovation and applied expertise to address customer and market needs,? Said LeAnn Leon, Managing Director for Maintenance Partner. ?We will continue to keep our ears tuned to our users in order to assess what future features and functionality will be most useful to them.?

The Facility Scheduler is available now and boasts the following functionality and usefulness:

  • Make reservations?from easy-to-use data entry windows.
  • Establish rates for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.
  • Display holiday or black-out periods?graphically with colored bars showing items reserved or scheduled.
  • Charge extra for repairs and cleaning services.
  • Give Requesters?easy access to?request reservations through the request pages.
  • Validate and convert requests to actual reservations with automatic e-mail responses.
  • Create recurring schedules to easily schedule rooms for meetings that occur on a regular basis.
  • Generate work orders?at the?end of a reservation?if a task is specified in the rental preferences.

To learn more about Maintenance Partner?s Asset Management Software, visit: or call 888.876.5894.