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Key Management

In today's environment, maintaining accountability for your organization's keys is critical if you want to maintain effective security at your facility. With the Key Management module, you know who holds which keys and what doors they can access.

Maintenance Partner Key Management is an advanced product designed to provide both current information and an automated audit trail related to your keys and cylinders.

Primary features of Maintenance Partner Key Management include:

  • Individual room key assignments.
  • Key ring tracking.
  • Locks and keys by category.
  • Separate bittings window and report.
  • Unique bittings tracked by manufacturer and keyway.
  • Quantities of keys lost.
  • Misplaced keys and related responsibility.
  • Master keys and descriptions.
  • Keys by department and function.
  • Quantities of keys created and destroyed.
  • Number of keys in database.
  • Cross-keying information.
  • Historical data on key issuance.

Monthly Cost: $35.00