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With CellularMP, your organization becomes mobile and paperless. Enhance productivity by managing work orders and other facility data electronically via a cellular device. CellularMP 's technologically advanced interface runs on any WAP-enabled cellular phone. This provides your organization with the freedom to choose your own technology and service network. See how this mobile electronic work order system helps organizations enhance productivity.

Other features include:

  • Download/upload assigned work orders and PMs (if PM Management Module purchased) and view with priority.
  • Track time worked on an assignment using an automatic start and stop feature.
  • Transfer completed work order information (comments, labor, material, and other charges) to the Maintenance Partner database directly from the cellular device.
  • Use bar coding with cellular device equipped with barcode scanning technology.
  • Utilize e-mail notification capability.
  • Update data on the cellular device.
  • Record technician time worked on jobs.
  • Close work order tasks as completed.
  • Add technician comments to work order.
  • Reassign work order to another technician.

Monthly Cost: $15.00 (each concurrent login)

This product requires the purchase of a Technician Login license!!