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Innovative Solutions for Schools

At Maintenance Partner, we are committed to providing quality software solutions for schools that want to effectively and efficiently manage their physical assets and maintenance operations. These leading-edge solutions are a key tool for managers who recognize that maintaining their institution's assets and providing the highest level of service is imperative to meeting the high standards being demanded by their organizations. Most importantly, the information generated by these solutions will provide you with the ability to make better decisions, run operations more efficiently, and achieve the ultimate goal of improving your organization's performance.

Whether you are a K-12 or a small College, Maintenance Partner will meet your needs. With a preloaded database specifically designed for education, all you need to do is upload or enter your schools and the assets (computers, network hubs, classrooms, labs, athletic fields, playgrounds, etc.) you need to maintain. You can be writing work orders within hours. With Maintenance Partner, service requests can be responded to quickly and efficiently to provide a stable learning environment, without disruption to your students or staff. With the flexibility to start small and add to your software, our scalable product set and optional modules will grow with your organization's needs, requirements, and demands. Maintenance Partner takes pride in knowing that these solutions were developed with the ease-of-use for beginners yet are robust enough to satisfy the demands of most facility professionals.